Reference number: 130656 | Fasting | May 2, 2020

Nine years ago, I was diagnosed with a large kidney stone. I was about to lose my kidney as the case was bad. I got a treatment provided that I had to drink more water than the average person. Since then, I had not fasted, and if I fast, I will feel a sever pain. I cannot stay longer than 4 hours without drinking water. Actually, I live in Sweden, so I cannot consult my physician periodically to check. I must refer to my physician every six months. However, I am unable to meet him and ask him whether I can fast or not; shall I fast or pay ransom?


Praise Be to Allah and Peace Be Upon His Messenger.

Initially, I pray for you to stay good. As long as you have been suffering for nine years, and you need to drink a large amount of water, according to your physician’s advice, you are excused and allowed to break the fast. Allah says: “and has not laid upon you in religion any hardship.” Al-Hajj: 78. You should feed a poor instead of every missing day choosing a meal equal to what average people have.

Moreover, you have to see your doctor to make sure that you are fine. You have also to ask him whether you are able to fast or not. If you are still unable to fast, do not fast and pay ransom instead.

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